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The History and Future of Swinging

Swinging dates back to the 1950’s. Initially, personal ads were
the only way to meet people in this particular lifestyle; the first
organization to be open about swinging was the Sexual Freedom League
(in Berkeley, California during the 1960’s). Eventually, an umbrella
organization called the North American Swing Club Association (NASCA)
was formed to promote accurate information about the lifestyle all
across the country.

Currently the internet is becoming an alternative to printed
personal ads, and a variety of large swinger’s conventions are being
held every year. Popular conventions include "Lifestyles"

(the largest and most well-known), "Wind and Waves",
"Campout", "Northwest Celebration", and

My best guess as to the future is that as more people in this
country begin to think of themselves as "open-minded" and
"sex-positive", as our response to STDs becomes more
rational, as more people from other sex-positive communities begin to
explore swinging, and as more bisexual men in the swinging community

"come out", the swinging community will grow and begin to
attract a new generation of sexually adventurous enthusiasts. I
suspect that the size and influence of the annual swinging conventions
will continue to grow, and also suspect that "cyber-space"
alternatives to real-life swinging (involving interactive video,
sound, etc.) will become increasingly popular.

Information contained in this guide was provided by the Society for Human Sexuality, a social and educational organization devoted to the appreciation of the myriad consensual forms of human
relationships and sexual expression.

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