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Bisexual Swingers

Bi swinger profiles are some of our most popular swinger ads. Most often the women are bisexual and enjoy 3-some and
more-some sex with both men and women, but there are also a multitude of
bisexual men within the lifestyle.  Don’t misunderstand, these are not gay
men, they are simply men that don’t have hangups about other men touching them
during heated orgy sessions or group sex play.  While these men and women
might not ever have the urge to dally within their own sex outside of the
swinging atmosphere, they can drop inhibitions and enjoy the heightened arousals it
offers while in the swinging scene.

The reason for this may stem from the overall atmosphere within the
lifestyle.  Swingers are very intune with what actions are acceptable for
each other and aren’t afraid of expressing their personal limits.  If a
male says he is strictly heterosexual, no bisexual man will try to ‘lure’ him
into a bisexual encounter .. it just isn’t done, and the same goes with
women.  In the swingers realm, no means NO .. period.  This enables
each person to understand everyone elses limitations and keeps uncomfortable
situations from arising.

As for bisexual females, find me a person who doesn’t
relish the thought of two sexy women enjoying each other’s bodies, and I’ll
show you a robot. Everyone loves bisexual females, even if they don’t know it yet.
Bisexual females are the most desired “ingredient” in almost every swinging combo.  If
you happen to be a single Bi woman, then know your are
a hot commodity in the swinger realm and can pretty much pick
and choose your sexual playmates at will.

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