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She Thinks She Is Fat

In all fairness, women do have it harder when it comes to appearance. When was the last time you went out to drink with your buddies and overheard one say, ‘that guy’s ass is bigger than a barn’? Chances are you haven’t, Adult Singles Services unless you and your buddies like to hang out at gay bars. From the time they are little girls, they are piled with images of thin beautiful women. When was the last time you saw a fat doll with cottage cheese all over her ass? Everything that a girl sees, reinforces the idea that image is everything. I don’t know Adult Singles Sites how much I buy into the idea that this effects a woman’s personality.

I think that it effects some women, but I don’t think it is on the scale that some might want us tobelieve. I think this Adult Singles with Pictures is a fairy tale provided to us by women’s rights activists who hate men. They hate men and they hate everything a man likes.

I think the explanation Amateur Singles for this is quite simple really. I hate to sound like a broken record, but we have to think of ourselves as if we are animals. In fact, I believe that we are animals. If we were in the animal kingdom, women are going to be attracted to a strong male. Since males have sex with multiple partners, they need to make Amateur Singles Ads themselves stand out from the rest of the pack.

In the animal world, a female wants her offspring to have the strongest possible genes. This is whyso many women are Amateur Singles Dating Services picky about who they have sex with. They only want to pass on the best possible genes to their children, this is even true in 2009.

With all of that Amateur Singles Services said, it makes sense why women are so focused on themselves. Quite frankly, I am glad they do. If they were all fat tubs of lard, my penis would shrivel up over night.

If you get sick Amateur Singles Sites and tired of your woman complaining that her ankles are too fat, here are some tips that you can use to make her feel better.

If she tells you Amateur Singles with Pictures her ass is fat. Chances are, it isn’t actually fat. She only thinks that it is fat. What ever you do, don’t tell her you think it is fat. Even if it is fat, this is a death wish to tell her it is.

There are ways that Erotic Singles you can help her overcome this. If you seem too eager to help, she will notice it and your efforts will be wasted. From time to time tell her how nice you think her ass is. Give her a little pat on the buns as she walks by you. When in bed, pay attention the her ass. Rub and squeeze her cheeks. If you like, kiss Erotic Singles Ads and lick it. She will love it when you kiss her ass.

Her hips. This is the same as her ass. She will think that her hips are growing faster than a pot plant in a hydro Erotic Singles Dating Services facility. Touch them, massage them, that will make her feel more comfortable.

She has cellulite. I have heard this more than anything else from one of my ex’s. She always claimed to have more Erotic Singles Services of this than a cottage cheese factory. Not much that you can say about this really. If she always complains about it, I would tell her that you don’t even notice it.

Her face isn’t pretty Erotic Singles Sites enough. This one is a pain in the ass to me. If she didn’t have a pretty face, I wouldn’t be banging her. I wouldn’t tell her that, but I would tell her that she is pretty.

Her legs are either Erotic Singles with Pictures too fat or two skinny. I had another ex that really went off on this one. Every day of the week I heard about her ‘bird legs’. She said that her legs were long and skinny, just like a bird. Massage her feet and legs with lotion and tell her how much touching them makes you horny.

Her stomach. No, that Horny Singles isn’t just about shooting your wad on. Some women are very uneasy about their gut. I wouldn’t go around asking her every other day if she is pregnant. Tell her that you don’t even notice it.

Wrinkles. I have never found a way to get around this one. If your woman has wrinkles, both of you can easily see them. I guess it may help if you tell her that they make her look more experienced or something like that.

The key thing to understand that even though your woman feels uneasy about her appearance, you can help comfort her. Remember, you aren’t trying to win her over, if you are at this stage of a relationship, then you already have. Don’t waste your energy in that department.

Most of us are living from lay to lay. Our main focus is having sex again, and soon. This is really why you say these types of things to your woman. You really don’t care if she thinks her ass is fat or if it really is fat, because when you bang her missionary, you won’t be thinking about that.

Keep this in mind. You tell her certain things so you can get that next lay. Don’t loose focus on that. That is what is the most important thing. If you make her feel comfortable, you will get that next lay. If you don’t, you might not get laid for a long, long time.

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